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How to use and maintenance clipepr blades, clippers and scissors.

Clipper blade and hinge problems.

When using any tool, it is vital for the user to have an in-depth knowledge of its parts and how it works in order to make the most out of the equipment. For instance, did you know that clipper blades

Improving Your Output with the Right Tools, clipper blade hardness

Ceramic top cutter

Pet grooming, just like everything else, has two sides to fully grooming a pet.  On one side is the skill of the groomer, and this is extremely important because it is a talent, and not all people are born with

Clipper Blade maintenance tips! Must-know facts!

Wahl Clipper blades

Clipper Blade Maintenance Tips One of the most integral parts of caring for clipper blades is to use oil for maintenance. Not just any oil, mind you, but a maintenance oil specifically developed to protect clipper blades from both rust

Proper Maintenance of Styling Scissors

Maintaining hair cutting scissors usually need fewer manners of care compared to other grooming accessories such as clippers.   However, there are some important facts that must be kept in mind in order to make sure that the scissors will

Get Big Savings on DIY Dog Grooming

Owning a dog or puppy these days is very high-maintenance. In fact, most of the grooming services for dogs these days are actually pretty expensive. The prices range from $50 for a small dog, and $130 for a large dog.

Clipping Your Horse’s Coat: It Starts with a Good Clipper Blade

During the winter months, you will notice that your horses or cattle are shedding their summer coat, and a thicker, coarser coat grows in its place. This is your horse’s way of adapting the cold weather. Of course, this thicker

How to Sharpen and Care For Your Grooming Scissors

scissors sharpening

Many people cut or trim their own hair.  Why?  First, of course, is the cost. You’ll save a lot of money, by trimming your own hair. To be able to give yourself a good haircut, you should own a good

Clipper Machines and Blades: Which One to Choose?

which clipper to use when pet grooming

Clippers for grooming – which one to choose? Dogs are lovely to have with you. They really are man’s best friends, and are great companions who will love you unconditionally. Of course, when you decide to take care of your

How to Deal with Dog Matted Hair

Dogs are adorable creatures. They’re great to have around, especially when you are outdoors and you see them in all their uninhibited happiness. There is just something so innocent and child-like about all dogs, and owning one can be a

How Often Should I Groom My Dog / Cat?

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Having your own pet is a truly enjoyable experience. You get unconditional love from your furry friend, and he will always be there to snuggle to you whenever you feel a little bit down. Most of the time, your pets

Clipper blade size guide- choosing blades for each breed

golden retriever clipping grooming standard

What size blade should I use to cut my poodle, shih tzu, sznautzer … There is no easy answer to this question but…. Please, consider weather (temperature) & the animals comfort first before appearance second. For more details please call

Can my clipper blades be sharpened?

clipper blade bottom cutter

Can my clipper blades be sharpened? I hear this question all the time. I meet with numerous of groomers and vets who  used the clipper blade till it becomes dull and then was just thrown out. A clipper blade is

One of many clipper blades that was sharpened incorrectly

how bad can clipepr blade be sharpened

Just a picture to show how far off a clipper blade is when they are not sharpened with the right equipment and experiance. Clipper blade that was sharpened incorrectly and/or on old fashioned machine .  

Removing/aligning cutting blades – trimmers only

aligning cutting blade

To remove blades for sharpening or replacement, loosen and remove two screws on bottom blade. Replace ame and retighten. Blades must be realigned if they have been removed. To align cutting blades: a)      refer to sketch to see placement of

Clipper machine Level – why is so important?

WAHL KM2 level

Many of our customers are asking why the level is so importing?   The level is very improting part of any clipper machine. The lever ‘transfer’ the movement between the clipper and the blade. Andis AGC2 lever – click here

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