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Everything what you need to know about knife sharpening

V. Knife sharpening – Practical Application tips & tricks

Edge pro sharpening system

1. Determining the Angle Remember that one of the most important parts of sharpening a blade is to make sure that you are doing so at the correct angle?  You can very easily determine if you are holding the knife

IV. Knife sharpening – On the Use of knife Steel

Knife steel

Steel is an essential part of knife maintenance, but it may be the least understood of all the tools.  Here’s a quick explanation as to how they should be used.   Not all steel is hard, and there are some

III. Knife sharpening – sharpening stones

knife sharpening stone

What about the stone? The role of the stone is to take the metal away from the blade bit by bit.  The stones that are about to be discussed do this well, but some people are obsessed in the small

II. Knife sharpening – understanding the baisics

knife sharpening the burr

How do I get a sharp edge? Let’s have a quick overview of the sharpening process.  If some parts of this are confusing, you may look through “The Razor Edge Book of Sharpening”.  Other items will be further clarified later

I. Knife Sharpening – getting started

knife sharpening

The real idea behind creating this short guide was to create a FAQ regarding knife sharpening.  With the complexities of the subject, it became apparent that any FAQ would turn out to be a book that could contest the length

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