Clipper machine Level – why is so important?

Many of our customers are asking why the level is so importing?

WAHL KM2 level

WAHL KM2 level


The level is very improting part of any clipper machine. The lever ‘transfer’ the movement between the clipper and the blade.

Andis AGC2 lever – click here

If the level on the clipper machine is worn you will not get the suddicient movement of the blade left and right (full “swing”), the nominated movement to cut the fur.


Wahl KM2 lever – click here

The symptoms of a worn Lever are,¬†catching or tearing of the fur, as is doeasn’t slice the fur and there is a build up of fur between the tines. If the level is worn out the blade will appear that is is not sharp even after it has been sharpened.

Oster Golden A5 single or double speed – click here

How to check is the level worn-out?

If the level held between your fingers and moved left and right has a movement then it needs to be replaced. When the machine is new and its best it has no movement at all. The movement of the level will be an indication that gearbox may need to be replaced.

We stronlgy recommend that all clipper machines be serviced regularly depending on the amount of work they do to maintain its efficiency.


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