Clipper Machines and Blades: Which One to Choose?

Clippers for grooming – which one to choose?

Dogs are lovely to have with you. They really are man’s best friends, and are great companions who will love you unconditionally. Of course, when you decide to take care of your own pet, you have to know that you are responsible for this being as well. You will have to take care of him, and make sure that he is always at his best, which means that it is up to you to groom him regularly as well. Before, grooming dogs did not take too much effort, you would only bathe them, brush their fur every once in a while. However, recently, dog grooming has taken new levels. Now dogs are being groomed similar to humans. They now have grooming salons, and there are many hairstyles for your dogs now. While this is very fun and seeing your dogs styled in this cute manner is endearing, it can also be very expensive. That is why it is recommended that you buy your own grooming clippers, so you can maintain your dog’s hairstyle while avoiding the astronomic prices that grooming salons charge.

Of course, to be able to get the proper grooming tools, you should find the perfect clipper machines or blades. If you are doing this for the first time, what brand will you choose? This article attempts to assist you into making a well-informed decision. Here are the top three grooming clippers in the market, and how they compare to one another.

andis AGC2

andis AGC2

Andis AGC2

The Andis AGC2 is a 2-speed clipper that is perfect for grooming small dogs or puppies. The motor of the 2-speed blades are created to be quiet while you are cutting. This prevents your dogs from freaking out when you attempt to groom them. The blades can be cleaned easily because they are detachable. You can easily change the blades, and you won’t encounter any hassles, because it is made specifically for ease of use. Though it has a 14-foot power cord, you have to be a little bit careful with it, as it has to be repaired at times.

The Andis AGC2 is a bit pricey, but given its advantages, may be worth the extra money.



wahl km2 clipper

wahl km2 clipper

Wahl KM2 (click here for pricing)

The Wahl KM2 is considered the most popular brand of clippers in Australia. Over the years, they have improved its blade performance, making it 2.5 times faster than the normal rate. This helps for easier cutting and trimming. The Wahl KM2 is well-known for a reason. It performs well, and it is more affordable than its counterparts. If you need to replace some of its parts, you won’t encounter any problems, as the spare parts can be found easily, given that it is a popular brand.

It has, however, a tendency to get damaged, but again, since spare parts can be easily found, this won’t pose much of a challenge for you. Of course, in the long run, you have to make sure that you are getting value for your repair fees as compared to purchasing a more durable, yet more expensive clipper.

Oster A6 clipper

Oster A6 clipper

Oster A6

The Oster A6 is what Goldilocks would pick if she were looking for clippers. You could say that this clipper machine is “just right”. Its price is in the middle range – not too expensive, and not exactly cheap. It is also very reliable and actually weighs lighter than the Andis AGC2, which, as you know, is the most expensive in the bracket. However, there is a downside to the Oster A6. Because it is a relatively new product, there are minimal spare parts in the market, and if you damage the cord, it will be difficult for you to replace it.





Over-all, these 3 brands of clippers are actually very reliable. No matter which brand you choose, you will realize that there are advantages and disadvantages, which you can actually maximize with proper use.

To make your tools last, you need to keep your tools well-maintained. There are blade sharpening and scissors sharpening tools and even services out there, so it will be easy for you to maintain the quality of the blades. Make sure they are always clean, and kept in a cool dry place, to keep your clippers of high-quality.


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