How Often Should I Groom My Dog / Cat?

Having your own pet is a truly enjoyable experience. You get unconditional love from your furry friend, and he will always be there to snuggle to you whenever you feel a little bit down. Most of the time, your pets are pretty easy to manage. You don’t have to tend to them 24/7, but they do need some tender loving care from you as well.

very matter hair - need to be groomed

very matter hair – need to be groomed

Your dogs or cats need regular care and grooming, too. This will ensure that their coats remain clean, shiny and healthy. To make it easier, you can send them to the vet, so they can get professional care and the proper grooming. Vets will take care of your pet’s basic grooming needs. They can trim their hair, and they can clip their nails or claws. If you need to have them brush your pet’s teeth, then you can request for that as well. If you want more than just basic trimming for your pets, and you want to have them styled, then you might want to visit a pet salon for that. Pet salons usually have pet groomers that have the magic touch in getting them to calm down and behave while they are being shampooed, blow-dried, and styled. Your dog or cat will come out looking like a superstar!

If you think cats don’t need grooming because they can basically give themselves a bath, then you are wrong. Cats’ nails or claws need to be trimmed as well. You can get a pair of clipper blades so you can trim their nails regularly. If you are not handy with clipper blades yet, then visit a groomer or a vet.

How often do your pets need grooming? Usually it’s once every 2 months. If your pet has long hair, then you can make it monthly. This kind of grooming refers to trimming of their hair (more about keeping your best friend hair tidy here) and their nails. At home, your pets’ hair should be brushed daily. This will untangle any knots, so their hair remains shiny. Your dogs also love to be brushed. It makes them feel loved and safe.

If the weather permits – if it is not too cold – make it a point to bathe your pets weekly. If you are in the middle of the summer heat, you can bathe them twice a week. It will lower their temperatures, and they won’t feel dehydrated. In fact, it will do them a lot of good, as they will feel very refreshed.

If you think that vet and pet groomers might be too expensive for you, then it is best that you get yourself a basic pet grooming set. This set should include a bottle of shampoo, a brush, a pair of sharp clipper blades for their claws, shears for trimming their hair; and a toothbrush. This is a simple kit you can set-up, and with this, you will be able to groom your pets regularly. You can visit the vet or groomer, for more major grooming requirements.

Once you learn how to groom your pet, you can find a regular schedule for his grooming, to ensure that he remains clean and healthy all the time.

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