How to Sharpen and Care For Your Grooming Scissors

scissors sharpening

scissors sharpening

Many people cut or trim their own hair.  Why?  First, of course, is the cost. You’ll save a lot of money, by trimming your own hair. To be able to give yourself a good haircut, you should own a good pair of hair dressing scissors. These should be durable, and the blades should always be sharp.

It’s easy to take your hair dressing scissors for granted, but you should know that you must maintain its quality to get good results all the time. To do this, you must always make sure that it is well-sharpened. You can opt to take it to a shop for scissors sharpening services. Do not attempt to sharpen your hair dressing scissors at home; you won’t get the most out your scissors. Grooming scissors are meant to be sharpened professionally, so invest in good scissors sharpening services.

Many attest to using convex edge scissors for that perfect cut. That is why if you are purchasing hair dressing scissors, you should get this type. As is the case with regular grooming scissors, you should also take your scissors to convex edge scissors sharpening services. This is the best way to maintain the quality of your scissors.

If you compare it with regular scissors, which are the pairs you use for cutting paper, or boxes, it is quite easy to maintain its sharpness. At home, you can even sharpen the blades of your cheap or regular scissors on a coarse stone. You can also buy a home scissors sharpening tool, and your regular scissors will be in tip-top condition all the time. Obviously, when it comes to regular scissors, scissors sharpening isn’t a big deal.

If you think that bringing your hair dressing scissors to a shop is such a hassle, try to minimize your trips to the shop. There are many ways to maintain the sharpness of your scissors’ blades, and regular maintenance and cleaning up is the way to go.  If you are unsure if your scissors are ready for sharpening, test it out on a lock of your hair. If it pulls your hair, or if it doesn’t cut all the way across, it is definitely time to take it to the shop to be sharpened.

convex sharpening

convex sharpening

Every time you use your hair dressing scissors to cut hair, immediately clean it up after. You can do this by getting a soft cloth, and rubbing it lightly with alcohol. You should carefully wipe the blades after use, to sanitize the blades and to keep any dirt away. To be sure, check the “ride” of your scissors. The “ride” is the area where the blades meet at the pivot. In other words, it’s near the joint of your hair dressing scissors. Pay attention to that particular area, as short strands of hair can get trapped in this region. Refrain from keeping your hair dressing scissors while they are still moist from the clean up. Get a hair dryer, turn it on to its mildest setting and gently dry your scissors with it. Once the scissors are dry, keep it stores in a soft pouch or holster. Scissors should always be stored in this pouch so it will be dry, and safe from any scratches.

Never ever drop your hair dressing scissors! Dropping them will cause nicks on the blade. This will lead to uneven or dull cuts. You wouldn’t want that when it comes to trimming your hair. The pouches or holsters actually serve as extra protection against dropping your scissors. If you do drop your scissors, at least the soft cloth will protect your scissors from the hard floor. However, if you drop your scissors, and it forms a nick, you usually won’t be able to close them properly. When this happen, don’t forcefully close the scissors. Store them as is, and have them repaired immediately.

Every week or so, lubricate your hair dressing scissors with scissors oil. Just pour a few drops around the screw. Wiggle the scissors a bit to distribute the scissors oil through all the parts. Once done, wipe the excess oil carefully with a cotton ball or a soft cloth.

Your hair dressing scissors should always be treated with utmost care. You’ve already invested in it, why not maintain it properly?

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