I. Knife Sharpening – getting started

The real idea behind creating this short guide was to create a FAQ regarding knife sharpening.  With the complexities of the subject, it became apparent that any FAQ would turn out to be a book that could contest the length of a novel.  Some have already written books on knife sharpening, and it would be best to turn to them.  A personal favorite would be that of John Juranitch entitled “The Razor Edge Book of Sharpening”.  This book lays down the fundamentals of knife sharpening, and no matter what type of sharpening system you use in the future, these fundamentals will still be put into good use.  So the first suggestion is: go purchase the book.  When you have the basics, then this short guide will hone your skill to further perfection.

If you wish for a visual description, the book will teach you how to turn a burr into a sharp knife.  This guide will go into more detail regarding sharpening systems, angles, hones and other fads that are currently in the market.

So why create this short guide on knife sharpening?  Like many out there who want to sharpen knives but end up with duller blades, frustration has been my friend until I realized a number of things.  If you have the basic skills, then you can learn of sharpening systems and then start from the burr.  If you know how to grind away the burr properly without thinking of the angle consistency, eventually you would be able to stay away from the rig that you have and sharpen freehand with just a few flat hones.

If this has gotten your interest, then let’s get started!

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