Proper Maintenance of Styling Scissors

Maintaining hair cutting scissors usually need fewer manners of care compared to other grooming accessories such as clippers.

scissors oil

scissors oil


However, there are some important facts that must be kept in mind in order to make sure that the scissors will not accumulate any damage from further use. Most stylists use oil based lubricants to maintain the quality of the scissors’ pivot and sharpness but this method has its specific disadvantages. The main problem present with this method is the fact that hair may get lodged between the blades, which can cause the scissors to get stuck mid-use. The best way to prevent this is by using special oils specifically made for use with hair scissors. Teflon based oil products are highly recommended to be used in scissors maintenance to avoid hair from getting stuck between the pivots of the scissors.


scissors screws and washer

scissors screws and washer

A vital part of the scissors is the screws. The scissor screws must hold both blades together perfectly to avoid friction when being used. Screws have the potential to loosen if the wrong type of oil is used for maintenance. Certain types of scissors can find their screws loosened when oil is applied regularly and this will cause the scissors to become ineffective. If not remedied, the scissors may come apart over time. Fortunately, this flaw has been fixed in split end scissor screws. Split end scissor screws are designed so that they will not rotate overtime with constant use of the scissors, even if oil is applied. A split end screw utilizes a small plastic washer to help lessen friction between the blades and allows for smoother use. The washer is one of the most integral parts in the scissors’ design as it helps reduce the strain received by the blades and the screws. When disassembling a pair of scissors, make sure that the washer will not be lost in the process. Also, it is important to remember that it can be quite difficult to find replacement screws for certain scissors. It is best to buy a new one from a trusted manufacturer instead of wasting time and effort to repair a pair of broken scissors.


Grooming or styling scissors can be used to cut both wet and dry hair. However, always ensure that the blades and the pivot are dried completely after every use. Water and certain hair chemicals can lend to the development of rust, which must be avoided at all cost. Of course, safety precautions must be taken into account when cleaning/drying the scissors.

The best type of grooming scissors is the convex edge scissors. Convex edge scissors are known for their absolute sharpness. testing the scissorsTo test the sharpness of this type of scissors (easiest way ), try to cut a single layer of tissue paper that is slightly wet. If the scissor’s blades go through the tissue paper like butter then it is at its peak sharpness.

When it comes to the scissors cutting ability, manufacturers have stated a simple guideline to determine the level of quality that the scissor offers. Try to see if the “fall” or tension of the blades is at ½ the length of the scissor when held vertically with the other handle positioned at a 90 degree angle. A pair of well-adjusted scissors will have a tension of ½ to 1/3 towards the blade length. If it has a fall or tension higher than that, then they will most likely have very poor hair cutting ability. Extra loose scissors will just “fold” hair strands rather than cutting them and will force the stylist to force the scissor blades together with their hand which can cause undue strain overtime. Either buy a new one or have a specialist take a look at the scissors for proper adjustment.

Be careful not to drop scissors as this can lead to the blade being bent or getting nicked. When a blade is nicked, the only way to repair this is by regrinding both blades until they are balanced once again. The main drawback of this is that it may lessen the traction of the blades. If the scissor is bent, then the only way to fix this is by using a specialized tool to bend the blade back into place. Dropping the scissors is common as with most handheld tools. In order to prevent the scissor from taking damage try to install a rubberized mat or carpet on the floor. Not only will it help prevent your accessories and tools from getting damaged when accidentally dropped it will also add to your own comfort.

Remember to take good care of grooming scissors. These specialized scissors are developed with durability as its focus but users must also perform proper maintenance to help ensure this is maintained. Learn the basics of use and maintenance and apply all necessary protective accessories to ensure the longevity of the scissors.

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