Removing/aligning cutting blades – trimmers only

To remove blades for sharpening or replacement, loosen and remove two screws on bottom blade. Replace ame and retighten. Blades must be realigned if they have been removed.

aligning cutting blade

aligning cutting blade

To align cutting blades:

a)      refer to sketch to see placement of blade holes which are larger than shanks of blade screws. When blade screws are loosened, the bottom blade can be aligned with top blade. Tighten the screws tight after the blade is aligned.

b)      End of top cutter blade teeth should be 1/32” to 1/16” back from bottom blade. This is important so the clipper doesn’t cut to close or allow the moving cutter to touch the skin.

c)       Extreeme left hand teeth tooth of top blade must be covering or to the left of the first small tooth of bottom blade.

d)      Extreme right hand tooth of top cutter must be touching the big tooth on the bottom blade


Blades should be oiled with a couple of drops before each use for a better cut and reduced wear.

how to oil the clipper blades

how to oil the clipper blades

Wahl clipper oil keeps the blades clean and smooth running. Special lubricants assist quiet operation and extend blade life by reducing friction. Coats surfaces of blades with an ultra-thin film of corrosion prevention. A few drops used regularly help ensure longer clipper and blade life together with a better cut.



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