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We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company , which specialized in clipper blade sharpening and scissors sharpening.

Sending Clipper/Trimmer Blades For Sharpening

  1. Please Ensure Blades are Clean and Dry
  2. Please Wrap article Individually and Send in a Padded Bag
  3. Please Include: Your Name, Address, email address, Phone Number and Payment.
    You can print out this form and fill it out:  Clipper Blades and Scissors Sharpening Form

Hi Bryan, Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback!! (Press PLAY below)


If you are having 8 blades, and more sharpened we pay return post (regular only).

We would like to tell you about a good deal – our new SHARPENING VOUCHER. Simply send us 10 clipper blades for sharpening, and we’ll sharpen an extra one for FREE. You only have to pay for the shipping cost!

To sharpen a small type blade see pix below is $12, plus post.
Wrap each blade separate so they don’t flog (break) each other in the post.
If you have a large blade see pix below , the sharpening cost is $14, plus post.
To sharpen a set of scissors  is $12, plus post – click here for more info – 

Geib gator 7.5 scissors

Geib gator 7.5 scissors

Shipping address:

LAK Project
PO BOX 466
Moruya, NSW, 2537

If you wish to pay by cheque/money order , please make it payable to LAK Project.
You are also able to pay with internet banking through your own internet banking.

Ours bank details are below for the transfer:
LAK Project
St. George
BSB: 112879
ACC: 421465771

Oster clipper blades

„A5″ TYPE BLADES (fits: Wahl Km2, Oster Golden A5, Andis AGC and many other clippers). small blades sharpening – click here

– click here – 

horse clipper blade


WE REPAIR AND STOCK CLIPPER PARTS FOR – clipper parts click here- :

  • Andis
  • Oster
  • Wahl (Wahl Australia Distributor)
  • Moser
  • Shear Magic 

FULL SMALL CLIPPER SERVICING (Like: Wahl KM-SS or KM2, Oster Golden A5 or A6, Andis AGC- models) -click here –

Small clipper service Wahl, Andis OSter

Small clipper service Wahl, Andis OSter

FULL  LARGE CLIPPER SERVICING (Oster Clipmaster, Heiniger Delta3 and many more) -click here-

Oster Clipmaster clipper

Oster Clipmaster clipper

Heiniger delta 3 clipper

Heiniger delta 3 clipper

Full overhaul and Repairs Excluding Parts

Quotes are Free, Please Enquire

Stay Sharp Luc

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6 comments on “Sharpening service
  1. Roger says:

    I would like to have 5 to 8 OSTER dog clipper blades sharpened.
    Please send me details as to how I pay you? and postage etc,,

    • Luc Sharp says:

      Hello Roger,
      Please post your blades to
      LAK Project
      PO BOX 466
      Moruya, NSW, 2537

      if less then 8 blades, return postage is $7,5


  2. Jason O'Neill says:

    Hi there,

    We need 2 standard size clipper blades sharpened. Can you advise how much we need to include in our payment for return postage?

  3. Jason O'Neill says:

    Great, thank you!

  4. Jemma says:

    Hi how much would a laminated spring cost for a set of delta 3 clippers?

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